As far as the bundle is concerned, the card ships in attractive MSI packaging that we’ve come to expect but it’s the software bundle that really impresses. It would have been nice to see some passive cooling on the memory chips but since the GeForce4 MX cards are all about performance on a budget, the lack of cooling on the chips can be overlooked. While you wont break the bank to aquire this card, you wont break any speed records with it. The card overclocked marginally worse than the Abit, mostly due to the inferior memory modules used. The inclusion of TV-Out at the price point it works like a charm with good quality, especially when playing DVD’s and motion video is a very welcome bonus.

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We raised the memory frequency 5 MHz at a time as well and like the core we hit the MHz msi g4mx440 limit in coolbits as well.

Overview for G4MXT | Graphics card – The world leader in display performance | MSI Global

Mwi Project and Morrowind. Since the card doesn’t accelerate all shader functions mso hardware, it shows the card as a heavy loser when compared to the Msi g4mx440 GeForce3.

Manhattan Project and Morrowind. Msi g4mx440 since we aren’t covering new ground with the GPU technology, lets focus a bit more msi g4mx440 the card itself. Performance slower than the Abit when overclocked but the bundle weighs things out.

It is claimed to deliver leading performance per watt for smartphones to supercomputers.


Since the Hynix DDR msi g4mx440 is rated at 3. Recently we’ve seen a total lack of games shipped with our test cards from all manufacturers. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.

MSI NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 G4MX440-T

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. The card is slightly quicker than the Abit out of the box but the card loses out, especially in the lower resolution tests, when overclocked and compared to the quicker overclocked Abit. An overclocked or higher clocked Athlon XP would have given us a better score here. It’s a shame since the card is well built msi g4mx440 MSI, looks the part and is shipped with an msi g4mx440 software bundle, easily putting other manufacturers to shame.

Heatsinks cost money and no matter how little that amount msi g4mx440 be, it’s still an added cost.

G4mx40 g4mx GeForce3 Ti runs away with this test due to its acceleration of the entire DX8 shader specification msi g4mx hardware. Not satisfied with the 65 MHz overclock I installed Powerstrip and tried for higher.

Dropping resolution to x would give acceptable performance, however running that msi g4mx440 a resolution isn’t ideal. Finally msi g4mx440 our benchmarking list, Quake3.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. It’s simply not at quick as a full DX8 part and with the GeForce3 Ti still available for not much mdi money, it’s hard to recommend these cards.

msi g4mx440

Win the mainstream battle and you’ll win the war as they say. Yes even on a budget videocard We are used to cards breaking points msi g4mx440 of the box so compared to recent cards the MSI is a disappointment. They are Samsung g4mc440 like the Abit, just rated slower. Msi g4mx440 overclocked or higher clocked Athlon XP would have given us msi g4mx better score here. Now just because the G4MXT8X is a budget videocard doesn’t mean we aren’t going to spare it from the overclocking tests.


Other than the cooler, the card is identical to the Abit msi g4mx440 all areas bar PCB colour blue on the Abit!

Review: MSI G4MXT – Graphics –

We can’t really argue with the performance for the price but it’s always OK to want a bit more than what you are given. Msi g4mx440 we remove the GPU cooler to check the core we found that was nicely mounted with a good amount of thermal compound.

Again, ever so slightly quicker out of the box than msi g4mx440 Abit but it loses out when overclocked. The memory didn’t even blip at that speed, and so we continued pushing it up 10 MHz at a time.

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In the higher resolution where fillrate starts to matter, the card just can’t keep up msi g4mx440 the quicker Abit and the massively quicker GeForce3 Ti which is based on the more feature complete and quicker NV20 core. Click to find out more.